pdf: Polio-Free Chad - Issue 4 (EN)

The last cases of Wild Poliovirus (WPV) and circulating Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus (cVDPV) were notified in June 2012 and May 2013 respectively, marking vital milestones towards eradicating polio in the country, which as recently as 2011 had reached an all-time high of 132 new cases.

Despite considerable challenges (widely dispersed populations, difficult terrain, lack of skilled health personnel) an exemplary progress has been made in Chad and the country is now on track to end it, once and for all, with polio.  Polio-Free Chad - Issue 4 (EN)


Containing regional propagation from Cameroon

Massaguet, CHAD, 26th May 2014 - The Chadian Ministry of Health, Social Action and National Solidarity (MSP-ASSN), in collaboration with partners UNICEF and WHO has conducted a large scale regional vaccination campaign against polio from the 23rd to the 25th of May.

Amid serious concerns of regional propagation of the poliovirus from neighbouring Cameroon, Chadian authorities and partners, who have campaigned rigorously against polio over the past two years, remain determined to keep the polio-free status of the


In Chad, new immunization approach reaches nomad population

To reduce inequalities in access to immunization, the Government of Chad, with support from UNICEF and WHO, started the implementation of the Reach Every District (RED) approach in 40 selected low-performance health districts. With the good results obtained in 2013, this approach has been scaled up in 10 additional districts this year.


African Vaccination Week: Improving routine immunization

N’djamena, 23rd April 2014 - The fourth edition of the African Vaccination Week is currently underway in several participating African countries including Chad. 


With a main objective to increase all stakeholders’ awareness on the importance of routine vaccination for the survival of the child, the African Vaccination Week initiative aims to increase immunization indicators, through improved advocacy, communication tools and integrated health services and activities. 


Second National Campaign against Polio launched on 11th April

N’Djamena, 14thApril 2014 – This year’s second national immunization campaign against polio was launched Friday in the capital city of N’Djamena by Chadian health authorities, alongside representatives of lead UN operating agencies UNICEF and WHO.  International funding partners such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were also present at the launch.


Similar to this year’s first national campaign which was conducted last month, the April campaign is estimated to reach at least 1.75 million children under the age of five with life-saving Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV).


These are crucial times for the polio eradication initiative in Chad, which has recorded its last confirmed Wild Poliovirus (WPV) case back in June 2012, making the country polio-free for more than 22 consecutive months to date.


Operation zero cases: A tailored approach to Polio Prevention

By Heloise Vilain. "Operation zero cases: A tailored approach to Polio Prevention" shares how information gathered from families in previous campaigns helped teams increase the number of children vaccinated against Polio in Chad. This film and the story that follows, help explain how the use of data, and the hard work of Chadian vaccinators and social mobilizers, whom we will meet shortly, helped achieve this goal.

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